Album release ➫ 2023.05.08 6PM

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1. The song has that feeling of them entering a new world. It's mysterious, I like it

2. The song is good but the MV is disappointing

3. Is this the best they can do?

4. What is this song.... Please make something like Next Level ㅠㅠ

5. The song is seriously good. It's perfect for an intro song

6. The next song will be the song they performed for the opening of their concert. It will be amazing

7. The song is good though?

8. I'm fine with the song considering it's a pre-release but the MV is disappointing

9. The song is so good; it sounds like a movie credit song

10. This sounds like an OST but the MV feels like it was filmed so lazily


#51 in the Real Time chart
It didn't enter the TOP 100

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1. aespa made a comeback???

2. But who cares if this song was the title track or not? It's not like people will be able to tell from a listen if a song was a title song or not. Is trying to promote and push them different?

3. So aespa made a comeback? I didn't even know

4. aespa's unique cyberpunk concept was seriously unrivaled and I liked them until Girls but seems like my expectations were way too high this time...ㅠ 

5. I looked up the song and it's totally good?

6. It's just a pre-release so who cares?;; There are so many people who didn't even know they made a comeback

7. The company is the one who made a bad choice for a pre-release song. I think that their title track will do well

8. The song is good though... it's just a pre-release so...

9. I didn't know they came back.. I'll go listen to it

10. It's just a pre-release and the song isn't supposed to hit big. It's just an intro-like song so I'm pretty sure that the title song will be something strong

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