This is the latest status of Kobayashi 
Kana, who was active from 2006 to 2016 as a member of the 2nd generation of AKB48.

She got engaged by a commoner in 2021 and announced her marriage in May 2022

The guy was called "Shiraiwa Shinya", who has been introduced on TV programs.

He was a famous investor who owned a private jet for 4 billion yen and an apartment in Hawaii for 1.5 billion yen.

The two met on a Japanese internet broadcast called 17 Live, and Shiraiwa would appear whenever Kobayashi would be there. 

It is said that he threw 1 million yen on her. (Similar to stars on AfricaTV)

Anyway, they got so close that he proposed in 2021 and Kobayashi got pregnant.

The problem was that Shiraiwa had a wife and child at the time.

When Kobayashi found out about it, Shiraiwa divorces his ex-wife.

Just a few days before giving birth, Kobayashi and Shiraiwa became legally husband and wife.

She gave birth to a kid and they were living a good life but

Soon after, her husband, Shiraiwa, was arrested for investment fraud.

The savings that Kobayashi had accumulated so far were also lost at this time because her husband was managing them.

So the two divorced.


Start dating around January 2021
Propose in July 2021

In March 2022, after divorcing Shiraiwa Shinya's ex-wife, Kobayashi Kana enters his family
Kobayashi Kana gives birth in May 2022


Divorced in January 2023

After that, because of Kobayashi Kana's hardships in life, she revealed that she started working in the adult entertainment in Roppongi 

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1. I liked the original lineup of AKB so I probably will remember her... Aigo 

2. Hul.............

3. Ah seriously why are so many Japanese female celebrities getting scammed by men like that? ... ㅜㅜㅜ Kana.. 

4. How is this possible ㅜㅜ I liked the 2nd generation, this breaks my heart

5. It's because they're banned from dating so as soon as they're able to do it, they have no idea what to look for and get tricked by men lik ethis... Kids who date a lot around all end up getting married usually 

6. I'm not surprised by Japanㅠ 

7. I really wish all the luck to Japanese female celebrities into finding good men to date or to marry 

8. Whether it's here or there, scammers are everywhere

9. Hul.......

10. No Kana-yah ㅠㅠㅠ 

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