The former one doesn't necessarily imply their results are at the floor level
The later one doesn't imply that they're miserable either
But just for fun, do you think you can choose????

For the former one: 
We're not talking about a group or a member who is super successful. 
They're people that muggles wouldn't know by name
And they're also not a group that their company pushes
They lack content too
Even though they go on variety shows and constantly release albums, they fall flat
But you know your bias is extremely happy and satisfied with this
They earn more money than people his/her age group and they also have a lot of free time
They work out on their free time and they have a lot of friends
They're living life to their fullest

For the later one: 
Anyone can tell they're a super star and they break new records every time 
They also have fixed variety shows/drama roles
Anyways, you can see them everywhere
They're at a career high with their album/concert/tours
However, with the high level of attention, they have just as much bad talks circulating about them 
But they're not unhappy nor are they depressed
They have fans and good results 
And they're indeed enjoying their lives
But they're having a very hard time because they need to constantly focus on the responses and people's opinion???

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1. #1, I wish they're the happiest person on earth

2. If we're picking between someone who will be happy forever or successful forever, of course I'd choose happiness... Happiness is the best thing ever, I wish them to be happy forever. What would success bring to you if you're not happy with it?

3. #2, With more success, you will be happier, and I'm sure this is what my bias truly wants too 

4. #2, I feel like if someone happy didn't get to promote as much, they'll grow unhappy... 

5. I feel like my bias can only be happy with #2, so #2... 

6. Honestly I used to think it would be #2, but as time passed, I feel like #1 is more and more relevant. Actually, unless it's a special case, of course your fame will decrease over time... I just wished people were truly happy and this will also bring me comfort

7. #2 for me. I feel like my bias would have a harder time without #2

8. Wow of course #1... But I feel like they can only be happy if they're already at #2? I don't know how my bias can do that 

9. Happiness... Humans want to be happy 

10. They're already successful, so they're at #1 right now, but as a fan, it's the most fun when you can fangirl someone who is #2...

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