As a result of Sports Chosun's coverage, Taeyong will release a solo album in early June and hold a splendid solo ceremony. He is currently filming the music video for his new song, and is in the final stages of working on his solo album.

Including Taeyong, NCT members such as Mark, Ten, Jaehyun, Taeil, and Doyoung have released project-like solo songs through SM Station or OST singing. However, Taeyong is the first NCT member to release a solo album with multiple songs.

In particular, it draws attention in that it is an official debut as a solo singer, including music shows promotions. While DoJaeJung of NCT recently completed a successful unit debut, they plansto once again prove NCT's amazing power by passing over the baton to Taeyong, who is the first solo runner of NCT.

Above all, we look forward to Taeyong's musical ability. Taeyong has shown off his extraordinary producing ability by composing and writing lyrics for many hit songs of NCT 127. Noteworthily, the songs he worked on were released steadily through Sound Cloud, and they received favorably from fans as well as music experts. As such, it stimulates curiosity about what kind of solo songs Taeyong will play.

His solo performance will also be worth looking forward to. Known for his flashy and energetic dance moves, Taeyong is a talented performer who excels in creating choreography and freestyle dancing. [..]

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1. Omo

2. Hul daebak, so he's going to be the first solo of NCT?
> There were other members who released solos but this is an official standard solo

3. I thought he was a dance member, looks like he's a good singer too 

4. Taeyong-ahhhhhh

5. Oh SM is seriously good at giving units and solos

6. I'm so looking forward Taeyong-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Finally!!!! I wonder what kind of song he'll get, I'm looking forward

8. Seriously I feel like rather than their team promotions NCT 127 will do better with units and solo promotions 

9. I hope we get a strong song 

10. I hope they can add his SoundCloud songs in his b-side tracks, there are so many good ones. I want to listen to them on digital platforms

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