"Maintain EXO's OT6 system, promotion guarantee
Protect your artists
SM stop being bystanders"

"Kick out Chen and Chanyeol who are hurting the group
STOP deceiving the fans
EXO doesn't need vicious members
Chen and Chanyeol OUT"

They want to kick out Chen and Chanyeol and want OT6 to promote

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1. Ah seriously, please leave already. I'm f*cking fed up seeing their shameless faces in the group while promoting too

2. I thought that I was numb to their scandals but I saw their recent fan meeting and was so annoyed by them that I had to turn it off

3. SM has never kicked out a member no matter what happens

4. Fighting

5. To be honest, I feel like I'd be doing the same if they were my bias so I don't have any opinion about this...

6. But seriously, when are they having a comeback? At this rate, Sehun is gonna have his draft notice too. What is this mess?

7. Why are people asking why they are only doing this now? They haven't promoted at all because of COVID and started promoting as a group recently, that's why we're hearing about this

8. I thought that they were protesting because their comeback got delayed and that they still don't have any full group schedule yet

9. I indeed do not want to see those 2

10. The people who are spending money don't want to see them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ if you think about their scandals, isn't it obvious? F*ck

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