Some ENHYPEN fans have decided to engage in mass protests against BeLift Lab, demanding that the choreography for the group's latest title track "Bite Me" be changed. 

ENHYPEN just recently signaled their return back on May 22 with the release of their 4th mini album 'DARK BLOOD' and its title track, "Bite Me". At the same time, the popular dance content channel STUDIO CHOOM released a teaser for ENHYPEN's upcoming performance video, giving fans a glimpse of the live stage choreography for the first time. 

In the choreography video teaser, the members of ENHYPEN are seen interacting with masked, female dancers. Of course, some fans who attended ENHYPEN's comeback showcase also had the chance to witness the live stage choreography in-person. 

Soon afterward, some fans problematized the "Bite Me" choreography for its interactive components with female dancers, finding multiple parts "suggestive". 

A joint statement issued by "ENGENE" on May 23 indicated, "ENHYPEN is still a young group which has yet to celebrate its 3rd anniversary since debut, and the team's average age is 19.6 years old, including members who are still minors. It is still too early in their careers to pull of choreography which comes across as old and suggestive." The statement went on to demand, "ENGENE demands that all choreography involving female dancers be removed from the 'Bite Me' performance. Beginning with the pre-recorded stage for the May 25 broadcast of 'M! Countdown' which will be filmed at 2:30 AM KST, show us a performance consisting only of the 7 members of ENHYPEN. If the matter is not corrected, we will respond with additional organized action."

On the morning of May 24 KST, fans initiated a truck protest outside the HYBE building which read, "BeLift Lab treats fans like fools. It is a company that stands in the way of its artists' success. It is a company that has no will for improvement. It is the HYBE label with the worst creative sense."
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1. I'm truly a fan of another group but when I saw the dance, I thought "just why...?" If I were a fan, I'd be so annoyed

2. All of their fans are so young so of course they would hate it. Young people would make a fuss if you just touched them

3. There are too many dancers, they are blocking the view on the singers, and most importantly, the stage is too cluttered.

4. I understand them. My bias had this kind of performance not in their title track but at their concert a few times and every time they did it, it just looked cheap. The fandom is supporting them with their lives but this just ruined the mood. Every time that song came up, the cheers were much lower and it just gets quiet. We just let it slide and endured it because it wasn't the title song so they only performed it a few times but if it was the title track, I'd be furious

5. They have all the reasons to do this

6. The fans are the ones giving their money to support them so... and they are only 3 years into their career...

7. I'm honestly questioning their intention for doing a choreography like this

8. I'm not a fan but I understand. The fans barely have enough time to look at the members but they are even appearing with the dancers like that... and they have a lot of young members there so they don't really fit the concept either

9. It's just a dance... I found them cool ㅜㅜ

10. Even as a fan of another group, this totally sucks. I like it when the formation calls for a pair dance but I'm not sure if they really need it here so it makes me wonder "just why?" They don't look sexy either and the dance just looks outdated. What's worse is that the girls are standing out more than the group

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