"What's my charming point?"

t/n: some of the not so nice comments are answering: 
- So anyone can become an idol nowadays...?
- None
- Hannam with a pulverized face <3
- This guy is definitely not able to promote in Korea, he'll promote in Japan since they have lower standards for their faces
- First learn how to match the camera's angle

- He's an idol? I thought he was a rookie gagman 
- Ha... What to do, I just looked at his face, but I didn't know my mood would be ruined like that 
- Don't ask me that, it's so annoying 
- Is he ignorant? his makeup is also a mess
- Is he a rookie? But why does he look like he'd commit DUI or go to the room salon?
- They're really debuting people just because they feel like it nowadays
- Shindong is better looking

There were even rumors of someone who claimed to be a member who got bullied by him before debut out of the group, at first, the company said that these were lies and later even treated the issue legally and released an official statement, so the account who spread the rumors quickly deleted it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ However, people still refuse to look at the clarification and are still attacking him 

original post: here

1. It's the tacky hair, makeup and fashion 

2. Crazy f*ckers, if you hate him, just don't give him any interest... Op released this post because she was probably upset for him, I hope more people learn about it 

3. Seirously this is dumbfounding... If you're going to attack someone's looks, at least show us your looks ㅋ

4. Wow those QRTs are so severe... I bet he got so hurt ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Seriously people can be so mean in this world, I hope they get the karma back 

5. They need to abolish QRTs, I want to beat those trolls up so bad 

6. No but release your own pictures if you think you're that much better than him, what's up with those QRTs... 

7. I lost hope for humanity when I saw those face shaming comments... 

8. These people are the ugliest people themselves...

9. huh are they crazy? How pretty do they look like that they think they have the right to do this?

10. Whether it's Twitter or DC Gallery, they're all the same. It's a collection of the trashiest people and the minority are actyally normal... 

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