"A handshake event followed by a kiss event... 
They're an Osaka based idol group calld Kupipo

Their catchphrase is "4th generation idol who wants to become a woman"

Though, the person on the right is a man"

This is an underground idol kiss event
both are men

original post: here

1. What????????????????

2. What the? I thought that they were treating women's rights as its lowest, but turns out they're both men...?

3. So this is basically prostitution... 

4. What is this? Ugh... Their heands are honestly so weird

5. Ah f*ck my eyes

6. Are they insane? That's why Japanese boys come to our country to become idols instead

7. F*ck they're crazy... 

8. They're selling their bodies

9. Aigo don't do this, my eyes ㅜㅜ 

10. "... Who wants to become woman" I already vomitted at that part

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