Joo Sungchul, Critic 2.5: Disney Princess's regression

Kim Dohyun, critic 2.0: Poor pitiful Ariel
Lee Hwajung, critic 2.0: What a waste of the controversy

- Compared to the movie, the controversy was blown out of proportions 
- Disney claims that "Ariel didn't ditch her destiny simply because she fell in love for Prince Eric, but she wanted to pursue her own adventurous life, so she upgraded to a woman" but I didn't feel this at all. She's simply your typical Disney character
- When Ariel becomes human, her emotions become more complex, but the acting failed at expressing such details
- Irrespective of race or appearance, as the play progressed, if you act well, you will be able to charm the audience, but she failed at delivering and the movie felt like a drag on for 135 minutes the acting wasn't skillful
- I don't know if it's because of the CG, but the overall movie seemed too dark
- In 1989, The Little Mermaid satisfied adult audiences thus achieving in broadening the range of audiences, but it is regrettable that the current Little Mermaid has returned to a work that cannot satisfy any adult audience as it fell flat

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1. I was curious to hear the songs so I was planning to watch the movie but this is disappointing ㅠㅠ

2. The fact that they said it was a waste of controversy is kinda shocking. I wonder how bad that movie was?

3. I'm surprised to hear that the plot fell flat. I thought they were able to change it for the current generation 

4. Halle Bailey was never an experienced actress, she's a singer, so from the casting alone, it didn't make any sense

5. Just with the trailer alone, it looked like the acting was bad

6. The sea indeed looks too dark 

7. The fact that they said it was a waste of controversy says everything 

8. Anyways, the movie is all about the singing, it's a Disney movie afterall no?

9. So the acting was bad...

10. I've always trusted Rotten Tomatoes more in terms of the ratings, and their ratings were good, so I'll go watch the movie ^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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