Hello, this is Modhaus.
At a time when no moment should be spared in celebrating and enjoying the debut of +(KR)ystal Eyes, we apologize for causing so much concern to the fans, WAV.
We know very well that WAV are lashing out at us in frustration out of affection, not spite. We are carefully paying attention to your concerns with gratitude.

We would like to inform you of some issues that WAV must be curious about.

#Music program schedules

+(KR)ystal Eyes had initially planned to carry out active promotions on all music programs for approximately 3 weeks, just like the previous unit.
However, although +(KR)ystal Eyes just debuted this week, the unit has no more schedules planned this week other than their appearance on 'M! Countdown'.
It is very difficult to just let out all of the details regarding this matter. To do so may be taken as a challenge toward certain figures or companies, or it might cause legal issues. What we can cautiously say at the present moment is that due to individuals and forces who are taking restrictive measures against tripleS, any additional music program appearances are currently not guaranteed.

There is no excuse in the fact that as a small, start-up company, we lack any power in such matters.
 However, the company is not so powerless that tripleS cannot earn a spot on music programs ordinarily, as shown in the group's previous promotions, nor does the company have any internal reason to prevent +(KR)ystal Eyes from performing on music programs.

We would like to believe that these difficult times we are facing now will strengthen Modhaus and tripleS.
Modhaus and the management team will not halt our efforts so that +(KR)ystal Eyes can meet with as many audiences as possible.


A simple explanation: 
Modhaus = the same director who worked at LOONA's agency. they have both TripleS and ARTMS
TripleS = a 24 members group that is consistently releasing units among them. Of those units, they recently released one called +(KR)ystal Eyes 
ARTMS = The 4 members of LOONA who left their previous company and joined Modhaus

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1. This is too much, I hope they succeed

2. They're still pulling theses tricks 

3. Wow seriously.. They're thugs 

4. Hul.. This can't be real 

5. They're still doing those gangster acts.. 

6. What to do? ARe there no way out?

7. Ah... I can't believe the LOONA members ended up there.. Damn it ㅠ

8. If they keep restricting them from appearing on music shows, wouldn't they end up like LOONA again?

9. Didn't Triple S promote just fine last time?

10. Huh?... So they really didn't change at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ A~~mazing.. 

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