"People need 3 hobbies
1. Something that gives you emotional exhaustion
2. Something you can do without brain power
3. Something that tires your body

You need 3 hobbies so that even when you get bored, you can find a way out"

1. fangirling 2. Drawing 3. Gym
I thought that I didn't have hobbies but I have them all...

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1. Those aren't my hobbies but
1. I have a cat (it's consuming a lot of my emotions)
2. I have a cat (I get happy even if I just look at it without thinking anything)
3. I have a cat (I need to clean after his toilet)

I didn't know that I'd be this tired but after rescueing our kitty, I've been working out even harder because I don't know what it would do without me if I died

2. 1. Fangirling 2. Piano 3. I'm planning to start working out

3. 1. Reading 2. Piano 3. Climbing

4. 1. Fangirling 2. Other 3. Pilates

5. Fangirling (romance fantasy, idols, actors, story, webtoon) 2. I don't have any.. 3. Gm

6. Fangirling/game/gym

7. 1. Reading webtoons
2. Sewing
3. Gardening

8. 1. Celebrities, reading
2. Watching YT
3. Gym

9. 1. Fangirling
2. Drawing
3 ...

10. I don't have anything for the first one. 2. Netflix 3. Climbing

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