Hello. This is Bang Min Soo [C.A.P’s real name].

Before I start talking, I first want to convey my apology to the many people who were hurt by my words and actions.

I was aware that there could be controversy, but I only thought of myself and acted selfishly.

I was aware that they were actions to feel apologetic for toward the people who have trusted and supported me and also to the members who I have spent a long time with as closer than even brothers.

I felt that for a long time I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit. I wanted to take those clothes off now, so I ended up committing improper actions.

It’s my fault and negligence without any room for excuses.

I am sorry to the agency and to the younger members who understood my immature behavior, and I apologize to fans who must have also been flustered.

I once again sincerely apologize in the hopes that there will be no further harm to the Teen Top members and agency family who are working hard for the comeback.

Thank you to everyone who loved Teen Top’s C.A.P until now. I was really grateful.


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1. He really wanted to live his life doing the things he wanted to... This is good because the fans won't get hurt by him when he does it anymore

2. If this lifestyle didn't suit him, of course he would be having a hard time 

3. Of course he was the worst as an idol, but as a human, I can sympathize with him. I hope he can fulfill the life he wanted to live

4. He lived 13 years of his life in a life that didn't suit him, that's a long time

5. As a fan of them before their debut, my heart is feeling complicated... He suffered a lot... I hope he gets to live the life he wantd to from now on~

6. But you can't act like that towards your members and your fans, no matter how much you hated this... You've came all the way here thanks to Teen Topㅋㅋ

7. Bye bye 

8. I used to be his fan back then and I can f*cking understand why he did this 

9. He suffered a lot, do what you want in life

10. Seirously he didn't suit idol life at all, the fact that he did it for 10 years is impressive. He's good with arts, so just continue in arts in the future, be happy

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