"Lead Volaist = The person who takes care of the main vocal in a mysic group. [...] Under idol group's circumstance, it's the one in charge of the first half of the song or the chorus. The main vocal will be in charge of the highlight high notes of the song, and also the chorus."

It originally refers to the vocalist of a band, lead vocals in the 1st generation have the same meaning as the 'main vocal' of right now

Bada = Lead vocal 

Kim Taewoo = lead vocal

Kangta = main vocal

Bada and Kim Taewoo were lead vocals meanwhile, Kangta was the main vocal, and you can see that they have pretty much the same positions/interchangeably

But starting from the 2nd generation, the term lead vocal disappeared and it got converged into a main vocal 

Hyolyn: Main & lead vocal

And interestingly for the 3rd generation, they put the lead vocal below the main vocal and above the sub vocal

lead vocal, lead dancer

lead vocal

main dancer, lead vocal

main dancer, lead vocal

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1. Ah I can understand with Red Velvet's example, the main vocal is Wendy and the lead vocal is Seunlgi 

2. For muggles: 
Lead vocals: Vocalist who takes responsibility for the beginning and the end of the song and brings out the mood
Main vocal: Vocalist who is in charge of a lot of the high notes + important parts of the song 

3. 10 years ago, the main vocal was the one who was usually good with classic genre songs and the lead vocal was the one who had an unique way of singing

4. I fangirled in the 2nd gen and to me, they're the same 

5. I just feel like the distinction is f*cking useless

6. Jimin is the lead vocal? I thought he'd be the main vocal;; 

7. The lead vocal is in charge of the high notes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Cut it down with the fighting here

9. I feel like instead of lead vocals distinctions, even if you're a main vocal, if you don't have an unique voice color, nobody would care about you

10. I feel like for BTS, it's better for them to just not have any main vocals and have all vocals, otherwise people are fighting all the time over this 

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