"The wife committed suicide.."

I'm a single woman who's been meeting with that married man for 4 years
The married man got caught 3 times and staretd the separation process 6 months ago 
He's been staying with me ever since he's been holding the divorce lawsuit..
But his wife suddenly committed suicide without even leaving a will
I've heard that she had light depression
Me and that married man are both so shocked and it's hard to deal with the guilt...
The married man is also taking care of a kid from elementary school, and I can't even og to work 
I'm just at home crying all the time
I can't even break up with him and I don't have the confidence to keep on living without the married man, I want to die too... What should I do?

- It sounds like a tough situation. I don't know what to say..... ㅜㅜ 
- What in the world....
- Ha.... The child lost their mom... 
- Hul... What in the world..
- The married man and you should raise the kid together ㅜㅜ
> Are you in your right mind? The mom committed suicide because of OP and you want them to get together? If that kid learns in the future about the truth, she'll get stabbed
> Get together... Seriously, that's the worst
> You're a crazy b*tch
> Crazy what are you talking about?
>> I'm the commenter above, if they get together and raise the baby by taking the mother's burden, they can raise them well, why are you swearing at me?

- So you're still gonna meet him and sleep with him... You're way too creepy
> Right? ㅜㅜ
> Why would you only think about them sleeping together? Have you never went on trips, watched movies, shown affection by holding hands/going on dates, eating food, etc. have you never dated before marrying someone?? People don't only sleep with each other, there are also people who date without ever sleeping together before breaking up too 
> But they're meeting each other so they can have s*x!!!

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1. Why is she pretending that she's having a hard time when it took her all this to realize?

2. She'll get the karma soon 

3. She's bullsh*tting... If you want to die, just die 

4. She seriously needs to die off...What's different than murder?

5. Those comments are such a sight, it has to be comedyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. This is beyond insane 

7. This is murder alright, you're the one who pushed her to her death 

8. If you want to die, just die, life for a life, and the dad too... 

9. What kind of r*tarded group is that? Comforting a murderer

10. I only pity the mom and the baby... 

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