Lee Myungsik: 
Applied to join 4 Switzerland's assisted death's places
Paraplegia of the spinal cord (since 2019~)

LMS: It's like having your brain sliced ​​open with a razor blade.
Seriously nobody should experience this in their lifetime
It's hard to have my daughter in law always stay by my side, so you should just go. I'll use a caregiver instead
I've used up all my money on hospital fees
When you go to the hospital, you can easily spend 100M won/year (~75K USD)
Imagine being there 2~3 years, at the 3 years mark, I'll reach 300~400M won. This is the end. This is when I realized "Yah, it's scary". Also, I realized that hospital fees aside, nursing fees are what's going to kill me
I was thinking of getting a helper, but I realized that all this was just bullsh*t
No but anyways, if I die, I'll die. If I live, I'll live
And that place (assisted death) didn't just allowed people to die because they tell them "I want to die"
You need them to give you the okay to be able to do it. 
If you can't wait, what can you do? You need to try here and there
I actually felt happiness. Joy. It's as if I found my way/solution.
I need to do this. This is my hope, so I'll endure [life] for now.

Patrick Aquaviva(?)
Applied for Assistance Death to LifeCircle

Q: Do you have an illness?

Patrick: I have an incurable disease called Gliomatosis
If you catch this disease, your life expancy will last from 8 months to 18 months 
It's been 30 months for me, I've refused all treatment
I received chemotherapy and it was rather making it more painful for me
I'm already 65 y;o, and I've lived a good life
I got married, I loved, I also had kids and even grandkids
I had friends and parents
Actually I'm not the only you save by doing this, you're saving my whole family 

Q: I wonder why you're not even crying?

Patrick: Because I'm happy that they can get rid of me, that's right! 

Q: I wonder what your last supper looked like?

Patrick: We threw a party, it was such a happy party.
We ate well, we shared friendship and love

Patrick: I'm here to receive an honorable death 

[?]: It'll take 30 seconds until you fall asleep

Patrick: So they gave me 30 seconds
Alright, farewell

[?]: Farewell 

Patrick: I'll be fine. Give me a kiss. 
This is nice. I'll try falling asleep. 

Patrick's female dongsaeng: This is what my oppa wanted. To make us smile until the end.

Do you support or you're against?

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1. I support this so so so so much!

2. I support this.. If I were to catch an incurable disease, I would pick this road too. I would hate to burden my family 

3. I support this totally! Whether people will abuse this or not should be the government's problem, but I think that this is really needed for some people

4. I'm totally agreeing it conditionally depending on the disease, but I bet hospitals and doctors would be against because they want you to pay the hospital bills

5. If you don't end up abusing this sytem, I can really see how this can be used positively. And I can also choose with dignity 

6. I do support this, however, if we enact this in our country, people will straight up abuse it..

7. I support, nursing fees can honestly kill you... I work at the hospital and it takes one instant for your bills to reach 100M~200M won 

8. I'm agreeing with this but with care

9. Please make it happen, I support this 

10. Please... Give it to us

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