V is reportedly attending the Cannes Film Festival after being invited by a luxury brand.

What makes V's trip to Cannes even more noteworthy is that BLACKPINK's Jennie will also be attending the festival.

Jennie will be attending the red carpet and world premiere of the HBO series "The Idol" at the Cannes Film Festival. The Idol is Jennie's first acting endeavor which is produced by pop star The Weeknd.

V and Jennie were previously spotted on a date in Paris, France. They enjoyed a nighttime stroll along the Seine River while holding hands. The couple's relationship, which has already been the subject of several rumors but has not been confirmed or denied, has become even more talked about.

In the midst of all this, the two entered Cannes side by side. It will be interesting to see if the V and Jennie two-shot will be spotted in Cannes.

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1. They are both world stars so they should be thankful that it's not talked about more than this

2. They're gonna break up once he enlists so just let them date and don't say anything

3. They were wearing couple items at every schedule as if they were some couple of the centuryㅋㅋㅋ They are letting the fans in their little secret so just stop making it so obvious already... Stop hanging out together openly like that too... Ha... stop with the couple items 

4. I'm a fan and I support them.... They've been in the industry for so long alreadyㅜ I just hope they have a pretty relationship

5. They are dating so do you really expect them not to meet?

6. As a fan, I'll just stay still...

7. Can they just coolly stand on the red carpet together?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. Seriously, you guys are freaking too much. They are both pushing 30....

9. The fans are fine so just as long as they date nicely in the future, I'm fine

10. I'm a fan of another group but V-Jennie are f*cking pitifulㅋㅋ They just walked a bit together at night that time and went their separate ways right awayㅜㅜ I seriously don't understand why people were so triggered

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