Actor Yoo Ah-in, who is suspected of using drugs, will soon be taken into custody. As JTBC reports, police believe that Yoo may have hidden his real home, which could have destroyed the evidence. A search of the newly identified home turned up traces of drugs.


The reason why the police applied for an arrest warrant for actor Yoo Ah-in, even though he was a first-time offender, was because they thought he was addicted to drugs.

Based on the amount of drugs found in his hair, they thought he was a habitual user.

In particular, they cited evidence suppression concerns as a reason to detain him.

The police believed that Yoo had made a false statement, saying that the address on his social security card was his actual home.

They searched the house he said he lived at, but it was a fruitless search, and when they searched again to see where he actually lived, they found evidence of drugs.

When Yoo came to court for a substantive review of the arrest warrant, he admitted to the drug charges.

[Yoo Ah-in/actor : I'm admitting to most of the charges].

However, he denied destroying evidence.

[Yoo Ah-in/actor: I told you that it's not true at all, and I regret it].

Yoo was found to have taken 73 doses of propofol in 2021, and his hair was found to contain drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, ketamine, and zolpidem.

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1. At this rate, can he even go back to a normal life?? Won't he have withdrawal symptoms??

2. This is seriously legendary...........................

3. He's known to be gay

4. But at this point, how is he gonna go back to his normal life? I'm freaking intrigued. He lived such a hypocritical life

5. He's living as a gay couple in his house and that painter friend he has is Yoo Ah-In's boyfriend. Since they are living together, he must've been staying at his boyfriend's house

6. Yoo Ah-In had a boyfriend? I'm shocked reading these comments

7. He frequented gay bars all the time and he made it super obvious that he was gay on Insta too with how he was doing lovestagram with his boyfriend. Seeing the comments going "he was gay??" makes me realize that the bias is pretty impressive

8. He's such an unique crazy bast*rd... Why is he ruining his own life like this?

9. At this rate, he really cannot make his return anymore even at his young age... not like people are gonna consume his content if he was older either but...

10. The fact that he tried to hide the evidence is so shady

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