"It was an incredibly happy day!"

The wish of Yunji (pseudonym, 10 years old), who loves IVE so much that she spends most of her time watching IVE's videos while fighting her illness, has come true.
On the 15th, Yunji, who met IVE as a wish, shed tears of happiness as soon as she saw them. Even though she couldn't get out of the wheelchair due to osteosarcoma, she diligently dancde the choreography of 'I AM' taught by IVE members with both arms, talked about hobbies and things she liked, drew the members' faces, etc. she spent an unforgettable time.
By making her wish come true, Yoonji has the courage to overcome her illness and the hope to dream of the future. Thank you very much to Starship Entertainment and IVE for helping A life-changing wish come true.

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1. [+34, -6]
What's wrong with people downvoting this kind of posts? ㅋ

2. [+30, -2]
This is what we call 'positive influence'... Yunj too, I hope she made good memories

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What's up with people downvoting this post? That's why I'm upvoting the comments here 

4. [+22, -1]
Whether these are actions for the sake of getting articles out from it or not, I hope that this young girl can overcome her illness, become healthier and attend IVE's concert directly, IVE did well 

5. [+16, -2]
IVE's expressions were so warm 

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