'No presence in Running Man' Song Jihyo, viewers storm in with withdrawal demands... attitude controversy emerges'

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However, Song Jihyo's performance on the show was lackluster. Aside from the fact that the basketball game was played mainly by male members, Song Jihyo was also compared to fellow female Running Man member Jeon So Min.

On the online community, many viewers commented, "Isn't she actually an useless member," "Isn't she actually working," and "Regardless of the editing, she deserves to be dropped if she has such an insincere attitude.

This is not the first attitude controversy surrounding Song Jihyo on "Running Man. Rather, it has been raised consistently. Her silent on-air demeanor and lack of presence compared to the other members have been criticized.

This is why the calls for Song Jihyo's departure seem to be persistent. "If she doesn't want to do the show, she should leave," "She says it's hard to leave because of her overseas fans, but she doesn't even seem motivated to broadcast," "They need to cut her fee," and so on, with some viewers seeing her as the "useless member" of the show.


"I'm sure Song Jihyo herself is well aware of this, but she can't just drop out because each member is part and parcel of 'Running Man,'" netizens said, emphasizing, "The production team needs to come up with a concept to keep her on the show."


The latest episode was indeed a bit severe since there was a lack of production capacity
There's even an article about her now

At this point, she should give out some feedback herself

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1. [+53, -2]
I watched the show where they were eating cold noodles yesterday and to be honest, Song Jihyo barely said a word... Seriously, she just didn't say anything... she's indeed different from before ㅠ back then, she even had that Ace title and was seriously fun

2. [+40, -2]
I'm an avid watcher of Running Man and honestly speaking, I didn't say anything because I felt like I was gonna get a lot of backlash... so there's even an article about her now. It's not only a recent issue, she's been having this attitude for a few years now... what's worse is that Yoo Jaesuk even asked Song Jihyo to talk more and said it in a more commanding way. When they are explaining the rules of the games, or are doing the show's opening scene, the other members are all smiling while Song Jihyo just has a blank expression or a sour expression and when my gaze goes to her, it just kills the vibe. Everyone knows that Song Jihyo is kind and has a good personality so just how much better would it be if she worked a little harder on Running Man?ㅠㅠ

3. [+14, 0]
Nowadays, she's just on Running Man to eat her food

4. [+5, -3]
Noㅠㅠ my bias ㅠ

5. [+4, -15]
The female celebrity is the one being the issue again? People were so patient to wait for Lee Soogeun's potential to explode on 1N2D, and how many years has Running Man's viewers been waiting for Ji Seokjin? Aren't you tired of only nit picking at female celebrities?

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