Whenever they go for overseas schedules, they can stay on their phone during the long flights, and they can also sleep. Whenever they're moving between schedules too, they can rest all they want in cars and they can browse their phones all they want. Some time ago, Karina and Winter even promoted a phone game ㅋㅋ TXT Soobin too, he said that he plays lots of games, so it just makes no sense that they have no time. Rather, because they move so much, they have so much leisure time in between

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1. [+212, -24]
I hope they can actually rest when it's time to rest

2. [+202, -19]
I don't know about cumulative fatigue, but there's not much you can actually do during transit time no? You can either try to have a hasty nap or just stare at your phone, what else is there to do? And the fact of moving itself is pretty tiring... Even I'm tired for them 

3. [+181, -18]
Leave them be a bit, why would they all rest in a car? Idols are human after all too no...? Are you able to work all day long if you had a day of schedules too??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you were them, you'd go nuts over it too, meanwhile you're here dragging idols' hair

4. [+159, -32]
People who think you can rest in airplanes, do you think you can really rest in planes? 

5. [+138, -21]
Why are there so many kids exploding with inferiority complex towards celebrities lately? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ OP is okay spending their leisure time sh*tting over people on PANN, but celebrities can't even use that time to play games? 

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