If she debuted with Le Sserafim, she would've been included in the Jang-Ka-Sul line and it would've been her ascension to the one top so it's just a shame. She could always become an actress later in her career... just why...

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It's true that it's disappointing that she's hiding herself in her youngest and prettiest days... Jo Yuri who's the same age as her is building her career little by little from going solo to starring in web-dramas and is now cast in Squid Game 2. Kim Minju still hasn't made any career-high aside from being an MC of Music Core..

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But I feel like it's hard for a face like hers to blow up as an actress. Do you get what I'm saying? Park Soojin and Lee Joobin have that Kim Minju vibe ㅇㅇ Those two are also f*cking pretty and their acting is fine but they just give off more of that 2nd lead / 1st love vibe rather than the lead vibes. She would've been better off becoming an idol...

3. [+84, -5]
(OP is commenting) I mentioned Le Sserafim because they did offer her to join the group. I didn't know that people would've been uncomfortable because of it. I didn't say that I wanted her in Le Sserafim no matter what... I just meant that I'd rather see her as an idol. When I look at her Izone video, she was able to pull off all the idol concepts and she's seriously a pretty kid who should be on stage

4. [+71, -42]
She never had any talents or skills so what's regrettable about this?

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Stop mentioning Le sserafim. Only ahjussis want her to be in Le Sserafimㅋㅋㅋ seriously, if you're a fan, you would support her no matter what

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