The original songwriter's publishing entertainment wrote an official statement on the official publisher site on 6/11.
-> The agency that identified the authenticity of the site confirmed that it was a real site.
-> IU's agency replied that they had sent an email response at the time.

This is EDAM Entertainment.
Regarding the notice recently released through the Nordend Entertainment Publishing website
We have checked the email we received from Nordend Entertainment and have replied to it.
In addition, we will disclose some of the emails that LOEN Entertainment responded to through a lawyer in 2013.

post response:
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1. [+220, -162]
What the? They said that they didn't hear back from IU, but IU's side actually gave feedback on it? Why is NEKTA saying something else..? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There's no reasons to hate on IU 

2. [+217, -150]
So looking at the current situation right now, that foreigner singer is saying something completely different. But in reality, they're being the creepy ones trying to bring down a singer from another country 

3. [+209, -143]
So IU didn't lie, they said that IU never gave their feedback on the song, and now they're saying something completely different? ㅋㅋㅋ IU were the ones who were waiting for their answers if anything. They're the ones who didn't say anything right? This is unfair for IU 

4. [+198, -117]
The trolls going after IU are honestly doing her so dirty, I hope you guys stop. Honestly, leaving aside the moral criticism, you guys are just trying to go oafter her to drag her down to death, it's freaking obvious. You're making it obvious that you're simply ajummas bursting out of inferiority complex towards IU

5. [+187, -101]
We can't tell whether NEKTA are even right in this. They're always claiming that they're the victims everyday and now that IU's agency showed the proofs that they replied them back, they're exposed for their lies

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