[enter-talk] JUST WHY DID YERI DO THIS...

Just why...........

At her debut, it was to the point where people were divided into Irene VS Yeri fans.....
Why did she become like this?

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1. [+94, 0]
Lip fillers + weight gain + insisting on going for the hip style that doesn't suit her + her bone structure and bulky waist don't look pretty but instead of covering it up, she's doing more skin exposure + her expression changed because she changed her eyebrows from straight to straight with an arch

2. [+69, -8]
No but even with weight loss, her bond structure is so wide. Also, she looked like a fairy back then but nowadays, I'm suspecting that her face is getting bigger;;;;;;;;;;

3. [+66, -4]
Seeing it like this, she didn't have any major change but I'm wondering why she looked so much better before

4. [+52, -3]
If you compare her pictures with her older pictures, it does seem like she changed her lips..;

5. [+46, -9]
Seeing things this way, you can tell that Irene is good at managing herself. She's always been in her legendary days without any change

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