Recently, Karina shared her recommendation for animes on Bubble and one of the work she shared was about China being victim of unit 731's war crimes that China has banned
The Ning Ning fans called out Karina for recommending it, that she's ignorant of the Chinese fans 

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1. [+134, -23]
I'm a fan and instead of just avoiding the issue, she f*cking acknowledged it cleanly and she handled it well ㅋㅋ Karina apologized right away. Karina is good at acknowledging things clearly so there's nothing to nitpick about. Whatever you try to do to her, it'll just crumble so people are instead trying to go against Karina's fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The people who are saying Chinese slurs because of this, it shows that you guys just hate China and are using one person to unleash your hate..? You guys know best that Pann has always been hateful of China

2. [+126, -18]
I don't like Chinese people, but the Maruta didn't only affect Chinese people, it also affected Koreans, this anime was quite controversial. I'm seeing people from China hating on her, but at least she cleanly apologized and it's a relief that she handled it well. The people here saying "SM made her apologize" or who are saying Chinese slurs and bashing NingNing or the Chinese fandom, you guys aren't fans but just trolls

3. [+97, -14]
She was just recommending some animes so it's not like it's a huge issue, however, she still clarified it and put all of her fans' hearts at rest which is way better. People here are claiming she's getting hate among Chinese fans, there's only a small portion of them talking about it. It's good that she addressed it on Bubble 

4. [+80, -18]
The comments here saying stuff like "Why would she apologize towards ***" you guys just hate China to start with and it seems like you're just using her to do it. This isn't the fans' opinion. In reality, none of Karina's fans actually even talk about her anime suggestions so please don't go around saying stuff like Chinese slurs and talking about Karina's fangirls being disgusting or whatnot. She handled it well and it's a good thing she did it. There's no need to talk about this issue more than this 

5. [+77, -17]
People here talking about "Stop picking *** members". This has nothing to do with NingNing in the first place, they're so popular in China and their Chinese bar is so huge that this couldn't be helped. Karina's Chinese fandom and physical sales are also huge. Anyways, stop blaming NingNing here

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