"Lee Youngji "NCT Mark 'No Prepare' appearance? it's false... Im clarifying because I was scared"

Lee Youngji: 
To the 2.6 trillion of NCTzens, let me tell you """"""Mark on No Prepare"""""" is not strue. 
I saw it trend the whole day ever since this morning... 
And I've been receiving extremely excited DMs like crazy.... 
I got scared so let me clarify...... 
Currently No Prepare is in a 2 weeks Summer break
But I'm supporting their comeback nonetheless...

Meanwhile you guys didn't even feel towards Lee Youngji a bit 
Now that she said they're not shooting anything, you must be happy
People in the QRTs... What's so funny? You find this funny? 
You guys arejust rude and you have no tact

"People have reacted with "Just how much of a mess did this create to her that she had to clarify it?" "She must've done this because it kept on trending" "Lee Youngji has wit, she clarified it well""
(just a paste of what was written by Youngji)

Hold on. 
If Mark went on No Prepare show, then they'll play the lip stamp game no?

QRT: F*ck Lee Youngji needs to put up with that again?

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1. [+166, -0]
I bet for muggles, when they hear "Mark" (마크( they'd think it's a short for Minecraft (마인크래프트)

2. [+156, -3]
Tweet: ... If Lee Mark appeared on No Prepare and made both men and women fall for him, what are we going to do... What if, like Karina, he'll get a ton of people begging him to marry him... F*ck
"QRT: Don't worry, Mark isn't Karina"

3. [+133, -7]
But am I the only one who feels like male idols' fandom are way too loud? Especially the NCT fandom... ㅇㅇI feel like they think they're living in their own world 

4. [+110, -3]
But who is even Mark?

5. [+82, -2]
The QRTs are all belittling the situation 
"Mark on No Prepare... It's f*cking hilarious 
The fact that all of Mark's fans are thinking like that is also funny
What to do, you're consumed by jealousy with his increasing popularity?
Me too, now I'm scared because I might not have a seat in his concert anymore

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