"Fighting let's go let's go"
"Once again, there will be unimaginable things happening. Enjoy your day"

This is the Bubble he released this morning
It looks like Sehun has no idea that ChenBaekXi are trying to leave EXO 

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It's been a long time since EXO members were only in a business relationship 

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He's saying this under the context that they all have to shoot the MV together tomorrow. He probably that he'll go with them until the end when SM will show the content of their payment contract. You can even see it written in the official statement 
3. What they want to tell the fans (paraphrased)
1. They're sorry to cause the fans such a big worry 
2. Because of the differences with SM's statement, they will be pursuing legal actions, they'll do their best to find a resolutions, they hope fans won't worry too much 
3. They are raising our small voice about the injustice that they've gone through, actually every moment is frightening to them 
4. They hope the fans will give attention to their words and courage. They thank the fans for supporting them for such a long time 

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This guy never really thought that deeply in his life 

4. [+43, -4]
Looks like he probably didn't know that the articles would be out today 

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But I feel like Suho can mention this on Radio Star. He used to talk so much about the members' renewal of their contracts and he even said "No matter where we go, we'll always go together". They should all leave SM together, or start a new label, or find a new label together ㅇㅇ This is why I don't think that this is solely a CBX's issue. If you're a fan, you'd know. The members' most important things are EXO and even when you look at the members who succeeded the most as solos like D.O and Baekhyun, they even mention that "EXO are our top priority". If you look at the kids ' Bubble, you'll know that they're still practicing together, so I bet he'll mention it himself. In my opinion, EXO probably all share the same opinion  (t/n: it's the same comment from Suho's article)

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But something huge did happen... 

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