[enter-talk] WHAT'S UP WITH GISELLE?

She's f*cking pretty. And Karina is obviously super pretty

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1. [+30, -10]
Nepotismㅋㅋ it must've felt amazing for her to debut. Her fans are defending her no matter what she does

2. [+28, -14]
To be honest, the fact that she's not losing standing next to Karina means that she's indeed pretty

3. [+23, -8]
Both are f*cking pretty

4. [+22, -10]
Giselle has always been super pretty in real life. It's just because the other kids stand out more.. She's a case of someone whose pictures and videos don't do her justice

5. [+13, -8]
Even if you downvote this post a bunch, I seriously find Giselle's eyes so big and her lower face looks so cute and her face is cute too... Although you can't say anything because Pann looks down on her so much..

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