'TaeHyeJi' has been around for 20 years, but the momentum of 'Yoonizy' is becoming scary. Singers and actors Yoona, IU, and Suzy are showing active performances following Kim Taehee, Song Hyekyo, and Jun Jihyun.


They have one thing in common: innate beauty and overflowing talent, and Yoona, IU, and Suzy are also names that cannot help but come to mind now. As the 'National Little Sisters', they transcended generations regardless of gender and grew up to be a next-generation stars by drawing the general public's affection.

In particular, Yoona, IU, and Suzy are similar in that they succeeded in a wide range of activities. Although they first made their name known as a singer, the stage was too small to contain all their talents. They are all-rounder entertainers [...], and have achieved an 'all-kill' by challenging themselves in acting. 

Yoona, IU, and Suzy have already been recognized as full-fledged actresses, not only acting-dols, by earning titles of "life works" at their ages (t/n: 인생작/life work = a representative work that you did that was considered a huge success). Like Kim Taehee, Song Hyekyo, and Jun Jihyun, they're writing history as 'All Time Legends'. The three actresses, who are barely in their 30s, are continuing their heyday by following the path of 'TaeHyeJi', who are now in their 40s, by accumulating amazing achievements in his teens and 20s, proving their charm without substitutes.

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1. Their long-runs are all solid, those unnies are freaking likable 💜💜 

2. I can acknowledge Yoonizy

3. I love Suzy so much... 

4. Yoonizy... How nice... ✨️

5. Thse unnies have made this generation for years... They're legends

6. Please, have those 3 give us something together 

7. I honestly loved those 3 so so much ever since they were singers ㅠㅠ When I was in elementary and middle school, SNSD, Miss A and IU's popularity were so huge, and to see that they're still promoting so well is so nice... 💖

8. I love those 3 so much 💞

9. All 3 succeeded as singers, actresses and are living righteous lives..

10. Wow and these 3 all received daesangs as singers... So cool 

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