It looks like they've been releasing a ton 

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1. I'm a fan of an SM group.. And they've never done it for us 

2. I feel like SM just does whatever they feel like doing 

3. It's because pre-releases help with digital results 

4. If they want their group to hit big, they'll give one, if not, they're not giving 

5. I bet they also rely a lot on their artists' opinions

6. DREAM said that they really listen to the artists' opinions and that even with seniority, you'd have a chance of doing it

7. I feel like thye'll give it to whoever they feel like

8. I feel like if they ahve some teams who work harder and these singers are usually good at giving their opinions... And these teams would be the ones getting the pre-releases..

9. Yah so this is the exact reason why we're hearing things like 'SM only pushes DREAM' lately

10. I can't believe SM is getting sworn at even when they're working well

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