Black: 25%
Yellow: 15%
White: 63%

The incidence of male baldness by ethnicity is white (63%), black (25%), and yellow (15%) in the order of middle age group.
The reason why the male hair loss rate differs by ethnicity is likely to be due to complex factors such as the climate, diet, and environment of the residential area.
Caucasians are characterized by thin hair instead of thick hair. In the case of white men, the percentage of people who do not recede at all is only about 6%, so there is a high possibility of baldness. Almost all white men have the gene for hair loss.
However, if you have the hair loss gene, you will be bald for sure.

"the reason why white people have higher proportion of balding"

The rate of hair loss by race is said to be in the order of white > > black > yellow.
Genetically, yellow hair is thick and rarely falls out, whereas Caucasian hair has a lot of hair but is thin, so the hair falls out a lot..
But in reality, the reason black people see more bald heads is because even if their hair is just a little too long, it pricks the scalp and the curls are so severe that it is difficult to manage, so there are many cases where the hair is shaved bald..

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1. Wow I'm more shocked that we're barely at 15%. Whenever I look around, whether it's men or women, they all fuss with no reasons about balding 

2. Wow if 15% is barely anything, in comparison, almost all white people bald... 

3. Oohh this is interesting 

4. If you look at Europeans, there are lots of baldies 

5. I hate my thick hair, but looks like there was some positive in it... 

6. I feel like for Asians, it has to do more with stress than genes right?

7. 15% is way less than I thought... Not too long ago, I was sitting at the back of a large lecture hall and was surprised to see men (in their 20s) with shaved heads.

8. But for Westerners, even with a bald head, they still look cool 

9. Wow I was wondering why they all shaved their heads..

10. The last sentence of the article said "However, if you have the hair loss gene, you will be bald for sure." I feel like there's a part that has been cut off after right? ㅠㅠ Please tell me this isn't the case and they actually meant "not for sure" ㅠㅠㅠ Please ㅠ.ㅠ

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