The lines used to be black but they became red..

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1. Seeing how the red lines are fading, it does seem like she's removing them??

2. Isn't this just makeup?

3. I think that she's removing them

4. She's removing them not even 1 year since she got them. Since she's an actress, it's indeed more convenient to not have them. It's also a pain to cover them with makeup every time

5. She's removing them this fast?

6. But I think that she looks better without them... seriously, her roles would be way too limited

7. You're telling me that an actress would get tattoos in such obvious places?.. ㅜ Didn't she realize that it would limit the number of roles she could play when she got them done?...

8. She obviously is doing things knowing the consequences. The people trying to teach her a lesson here are so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

9. She's probably removing them all

10. I also had tattoos and removed them, it was freaking painful

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