Accommodates 5 people

Said to be smaller in size to withstand high water pressure

Drives with an Xbox controller

Was scheduled for an 8-hour expedition sitting down.

The toilet is covered by a curtain divider and remains are stored in a Ziploc bag

While theoretically providing a 96-hour oxygen supply, it's affected by things like the breathing rate of the people in the hull.

The most frustrating part is that it was completely sealed externally just before the dive.

So even if you're lucky enough to be on the surface and not at the bottom of the waters.

If you're not found in the nick of time, you'll die of oxygen depletion.

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1. I don't understand why there was no GPS..
> There is no GPS signal under water

2. đŸ˜¥

3. I hope that everyone gets out safe..

4. I don't know who designed and built it, but I can only assume they're insane enough to realize that there are no minimal safety features, no emergency lift, and you can't open the door from the inside... If you're injured, you should at least be able to open the door from the inside..

5. This is honestly so scary..

6. Just how scared must they be..

7. *Gasp* the controller was an Xbox controller?..

8. Just looking at this is suffocating..

9. Why was there no emergency lift?....

10. I wonder if they sank near the Titanic?

11. The space is so narrow, they must be suffocating

12. 4,000 meters is a severe exploration...ă…  This just seems physiologically impossible

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