Tell me your age and one thing you regret the most in your life

25, my biggest regret was to not seize the opportunity to study abroad when I could

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1. 23, To have given up on studies whenever I had a hard time during high school 

2. 24, I should've written my college application differently and not dropped out from that academy 

3. 21, I should've studied a bit harder so I would've made it to the university in one go 

4. Hmm... 26, I should've tried interning more when I had the opportunity younger, and I shouldn't have been picky about smaller companies 

5. 25, I should've slept earlier and I could've been taller... I should've studied more and applied to many universities instead of fooling around

6. 24, I should've tried harder and lived a more diligent life..

7. 19, I should've studied a bit harder 

8. 25, I should've transferred school

9. 32, I should've gotten married a bit later and should've thought it through.. I should've dated more

10. 32, I should've taken care of people's perspectives and not hurt them 

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