"Titanic Submarine Captain "Safety is Garbage" Favors Adventure - Downplaying Safety

Stockton Rush, the captain of the submarine (Titan) that tours the wreckage of the Titanic and CEO of Ocean Gate, the company that operates the vessel, is a man who favors adventure and disregards safety, Bloomberg reported today (Nov. 21)."

Usually, people of high status would say things like "I'm not the one riding it so why should safety be my business?"

But this guys said "I'm the one riding it so why should safety be my business?" and died

There were even workers who alerted him of the dangers

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1. [+116, -1]
The victims are pitiful because they probably boarded the submarine thinking "since we're going with the CEO, will he really neglect safety issues?"

2. [+112, 0]
This was basically an accompanied su*c*deㄷㄷ

3. [+102, 0]
The fact that he actually said that "playing it safe is a barrier to innovation" is crazy ㄷㄷ

4. [+58, -1]
Apparently, people with a lot of money (not just people who are generally well off, but so much so that they have no concept of money) don't seem to be happy with the things that would make the average person happy... That doesn't mean that they all live stimulatingly, but unlike ordinary people, many chaebols pursue stimulating things. They have the money to implement them, and they can do anything they want, so it seems that endorphins come out when they are slightly close to death..;

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Only the people who got dragged into this are the pitiful ones

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