[teens stories] HUL KIM GOEUN

I thought that her eyes were super small but

Looking at this picture, her eyes are not small???

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1. [+64, -24]
I saw Kim Goeun at an event for the movie Hero and she was seriously f*cking pretty. She was unrivalled. I don't know if her eyes were small but from her face shape, to her proportions, to her white skin, anyone could tell that she's a top actress. Seriously, it's to the point that I feel bad for the people who are hating on her for her looks. Seriously, she was f*cking prettyㅠ

2. [+49, -6]
She just doesn't have double eyelids but her eyes don't look suffocating because the sides of her eyes are long. Eyes who are shut and short on the sides are the ones who look suffocating

3. [+39, -8]
Her eyes are big but they are not harmonious with her face, that's why they look small... but she definitely is someone who looks better in real life

4. [+25, -10]
You need to watch Kim Goeun's baseball pitch video... she was legendary and seriously pretty

5. [+21, -23]
Her eyes are small though? They're so-sp

6. [+15, 0]
People are always saying how she looks freaking pretty in real life ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I saw her in real life and she just looked okㅋㅋㅋ she was just pretty considering my expectations, that's it

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