For reference, her title is talking about Olivia Rodrigo and she got into a controversy for referencing them 
+ Hate can be translated into "dislike" in Korean but to foreigners, it's a very strong negative word like "freaking repulsive"


They also swapped the #Hate_Rodrigo hashtag

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1. That's what I'm telling you it was a bad idea from the start

2. Seriousy Choi Yena's songs are all so good but γ… ... This time she really did a bad move γ… γ…  

3. Was this planning meant to dra more haters to her? This was just ignorant 

4. That hashtag γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ And the people here only blaming the company are funny, she participates in all her songs as a composer and lyricist, she also picks her own concepts

5. The word Hate Crime exists for a reason... Hate isn't just simple dislike... The way nobody put a brake on this album production is just fascinating 

6. The way she was giving her interview so brightly was not it

7. Seriously embarrassing 

8. I wonder what she was thinking γ…‹γ…‹... 

9. So they'll shoot the MV again?

10. I pity Olivia who was mentioned

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