Regarding the decision to private the music video for "Hate Rodrigo," the company stated that it was not a request from Olivia Rodrigo.

Here is the official statement from Choi Yena


This is Yuehua Entertainment.

We would like to share our position regarding the music video of our artist YENA's second single album title track "Hate Rodrigo".

The music video was taken down on the 29th of this month after we discovered that it may have infringed on our trademark, portrait, and copyright rights in some scenes, and we are currently in the process of revising the video. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused without prior notice. We will upload the music video as soon as the edits are complete.

Additionally, we would like to clarify that it is not true that the music video was made private at the request of Olivia Rodrigo. We have not received any such request, and we ask that each artist and their fans not be misled by any further unconfirmed reports, and that they refrain from spreading speculation in the future.

We thank you for your interest and love in YENA's upcoming album, and we will humbly accept the various feedback and repay you with more music.

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1. Ah so it was Yuehua... I can understand

2. It's a blessing that she's a nobody but this is an embarrassment for k-pop...

3. There are way too many talks surrounding this comeback. No matter if they change the title of the song or not, isn't it better to just cancel this promotion?ㅜ There's nothing to be gained from this

4. It would've been better to just quickly replace the promotion with another song no?

5. Isn't Yuehua... a Chinese company?

6. So they care about copyright now...?

7. No but ㅡㅡ I was gonna shield her but is this a joke? They should've ask for the permission and it would've never had caused any problem (it can't be helped since the public is already disappointed but..)

8. Rodrigo probably doesn't even care

9. Just apologize already

10. As expected, this is on brand with a member of a rigged groupㅋㅋ

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