All four FIFTY FIFTY members have filed a lawsuit against their agency ATTRAKT to suspend their contracts.

In a statement from the legal representatives of the four FIFTY FIFTY members, they shared why the members have filed a lawsuit:

This is law firm Barun Law, representing Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keen (hereafter referred to as the members) from FIFTY FIFTY.

The four members filed for the temporary suspension of their exclusive contracts with the Seoul Central District Court through their legal representatives on June 19. The trial is currently in process. This is due to ATTRAKT violating the terms of their contract and breaking any form of trust between the two parties.

The members have not made a response as the trial was underway. We have sent the company a letter asking for the mistakes to be corrected and pointed out the various issues, but ATTRAKT revealed their position to the media with continuous articles without trying to explain the actual demands.

The four members have tried to think and act independently despite their young age. After fully consulting with their parents, they came to raise the issue with our help. ATTRAKT has not been listening to the members’ opinions, instead saying how ‘external forces are attempting to poach the members’ and they have not been able to clarify the accusations of their side violating the contract. The members were also very frustrated and disappointed with the fact that Aran’s surgery was disclosed without consulting all involved parties.

The members raised questions about the various situations where ATTRAKT did not faithfully fulfill their contract obligations, such as how there was no transparency in financial documents and unilaterally trying to have the group promote despite the members having health issues. We would like to also make it clear that this [lawsuit] was a decision made by the four members themselves, with no outside intervention.

The members know how important of a time this is for them and how many people around them are worrying about them. When they first started to practice, they wanted to be artists who could be a good influence on others. The four members didn’t want to agree with or hide things that were wrong. They made this decision independently, without any lies, to ensure they could move forward on the correct path.

We ask that there is no more defamation of the FIFTY FIFTY members by ATTRAKT.

The four members want to be in front of their fans as soon as possible. They promise they will continue to be more sincere as artists and more independent.

We sincerely ask that you refrain from speculative articles so there are no more victims due to unconfirmed claims.

Thank you.

CR. Koreaboo

source: here

1. It's the first time I've seen a case like that over one song 

2. Did they think that with only one song hitting big, they'd be able to receive salary? This isn't a big agency but a tiny agency ㅋㅋ

3. ? Even if you ask for a profit settlement, I still don't think they'll logically be paid? They don't even do any events or performance no? And digitals' profit don't usually go that much to the idols ... Shouldn't they be grateful that they're not in the negative with the amount of time they spent as a trainee considering the short time it's been since they started releasing albums?

4. I only pity the company, they invested so much in them to make them shine just to end up like that... 

5. I feel bad and reading the comments it hasn't even been 1 year since they debuted and they're already in a lawsuit...

6. I bet they'll appear in some survival shows in a few years

7. There are no cases where you can get paid right away though...? Especially for small to medium sized companies, they usually need to cover the training fee

8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Imagine asking to be paid after releasing one song ㅋㅋㅋ The person who wrote the song will get the money first, it's not like they've promoted enough to start earning anything either...

9. You'll get paid once you perform or shoot an ad.. 

10. Sigh they're such fools... It's getting worse and worse

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