"Hi everyone... I know this is sudden, but I'd appreciate if you could validate the video once and left your thoughts. 
No matter how I look at it, I think the choreography looks very similar.
The part of the "Elevator" especially... it's a choreography with a strong uniqueness in it, I can't help but think they stole it
There is also another clip, but it might be a bit ambiguous, so I'll put it in a thread."

"It's ambiguous because it's such a short instance... But isn't it super similar too?"

Seventeen's choreographie are made by the members
They're both in the same agency Hybe, but they have different labels

These weren't made by the same choreographer

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1. This was way too similarㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. They look similar ㅋㅋ but the skill gap is too big 

3. The Elevator one was a bit severe..

4. I don't know for the other ones but the Elevator dance isn't some common moves, it's plagiarized

5. The Elevator and Rock With You are too similar

6. Hul it's indeed similar

7. ?? This is annoying...

8. They didn't just take vaue moves, but they picked the ones that were really specific..

9. Who cares?They're from the same company

10. I didn't like Enhypen's choreography either and it looks like they don't really care about &Team's choreography either

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