On July 27 (KST), the HBO drama "The Idol," which was originally scheduled to run for six episodes, will end prematurely after the fifth episode on July 2, according to various foreign media outlets.


As the show's ratings continue to decline, there's a good chance that plans for a second season will be scrapped. This is due to the American drama industry, which is notorious for canceling future seasons if ratings are not as high as expected.

Moreover, according to earlier reports, The Weeknd, who serves as a cast member and co-creator, said that he is not planning a second season of The Idol. On the other hand, an HBO representative denied reports that the show had already been canceled, saying, "Nothing has been decided about producing another season." 

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1. This was just the worst show ever. The fact that they were planning for S2 is hopeless

2. I see, so they are ending the pre-production early

3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Weeknd.. sigh

4. It's fascinating that they even had thoughts of doing a season 2...

5. I don't understand why he made this and starred in it. The show was just a total disaster

6. I was indeed looking forward to this before it started airing but.... Euphoria was so popular and created a sensation but who knew that this show would be this bad

7. They probably thought that even though they went with something controversial, it would've still hit bit like Euphoria despite the negative responses

8. But Jennie barely had any scenes and she was almost like an extra so what's up with the title of this article?ㅋㅋ they're making it seem like she was the main or something

9. This will just become a stain on Jennie's life..

10. How did they even go to Cannes with this... ridiculous

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