Actress Song Jihyo, who is active in the long-running entertainment SBS 'Running Man', is receiving a flood of 'requests to get off' because of the attitude she showed on TV recently.

Song Jihyo has been active as a fixed member of 'Running Man' since 2010. From the start, she was never a character that was funny with flashy words or body gags. Because of her background has an actress and for her calm image, she never lost to physical fights or verbal fights with men, with her outspoken way of speaking, she became an ace who wins in any game, she also gained the image of the dazed Meong-Jihyo, and a golden hand that brings luck every time. She played an active role as a character and was loved for her anti-war image.

However, since 'Running Man' has been loved as a long-lived entertainment show for 14 years [...] the show gradually changed to a talk-oriented format due to the members' health reasons and at the request of viewers who rather see the chemistry of the old members. Unlike the members who always bicker with each other, Song Jihyo started acting passive in conversations. The members tried to lighten the mood by mentioning Song Jihyo in a light hearted way, but it felt flatter than expected. In the end, even the members' jokes seem to have fallen flat. 

Despite various concerns, 'Running Man' continues to maintain an average audience rating of 3-4%. In particular, Song Jihyo is still showing solid popularity abroad, so it seems that the direction of Running Man will not change with the concerns of some fans alone. [...]

Meanwhile, Song Jihyo is in the middle of a lawsuit because she did not receive about 984 million won in unpaid settlement from her former agency. 

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The reason why she started getting hate was because of the Song Jihyo stay episode where she was supposed to be the main character as she planned it, but the other members were the ones doing the mission... Shouldn't she at least have followed the members or do it together with them?

2. I'm so tired of Song Jihyo now 

3. We're not asking her to be like Jun Somin, but we're just asking her to stop sleeping or looking at her phone or at least give us some reactions. She doesn't even know the fundamentals

4. Maybe her health isn't good?

5. I just don't think she should give Song Jihyo any screentime anymore... Last week, we only had one scene where they were eating cold noodles and Yoo Jaesuk asked her if it was tasty and it cut so flatㅜㅜ... Seriously she has no character, no reactions and she's not pulling her weight 

6. She looks kinda depressed ㅜ Is it because of her lawsuit?

7. The fact that she goes there to sleep is too much ㅜㅜ I miss the old Song Jihyo.. This is honestly not it 

8. I feel like Jun Somin stole her character.. 

9. She barely talks now 

10. Looking at your phone during broadcast is a bit... 

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