If you click on the promotional email, you will be prompt to follow NCT Dream's streaming sites, album purchase link, and even NCT Dream's official accounts and SNS.

(It says NCT 127 Official Store at the bottom)

When you click the album purchase link, the link to purchase the NCT Dream on the US Target platform, not the NCT 127 Target platform that the NCT 127 fans actually signed up for. 

If you check the NCT 127 account promotion email that has been sent to the mailing service subscriber's email address so far, SuperM and NCT group emails also appearㅇㅇ 
But as for the logo, they've always only used the NCT 127 logo and it connected to the 127 accounts, and they'd say stuff like "127 members participated in this and this" etc. that's how they used to promote it

The site that NCT 127 fans joined is a site with only 127, but today's link leads to the entire NCT link

This is not the first time for 127 that the US distributor sent it because they made a mistake or didn't know well. This is not the first time that 127 has been in this situation. 


1. 1 NCT DREAM's new song promotional mails were sent to subscribers of the mailing service provided by NCT ​​127's official homepage in the US

2. NCT 127 overseas fan base is a core fandom that only  stans 127 but NCT Dream's SNS links were being pushed to them and now they're even receiveing Dream's albums promotions and they're being induced to follow their account

3. Overseas fans who received the email got angry and started protesting against SM as a group & domestic fans who were awake at dawn also got angry

4. By the way, members of 127 such as DoJaeJung, and Taeyong never received any emails for streaming promotions

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1. NCT DREAM and 127 fandoms are totally different fandoms. This applies to every group 

2. Ah... I'd be f*cking pissed with #4 too..

3. #4 is freaking oba ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why are they this crazy? I'm not even an NCT fan and I'm a muggle, but even I see DREAM and 127 as different groups

4. SM are f*cking f*cked

5. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM is f*cking r*Tarded, they're just flopping themselves at this point, I hope they fail. This isn't the 1st or second time, the way they cleaned their Tik Tok account was also dumbfounding

6. The international fans entered the fandom through 127 of course they're allowed to be pissed. They've been sending promotions to follow Dream everyday on 127 store now

7. Sigh why is SM like that seriously?

8. #4 pisses me off the most 

9. Seriously SM has no tact

10. NCT DREAM, the K-pop supergroup invluding Mark and Haechan from NCT 127
Is this for real? They really sent it out like that?

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