She's indeed the former I-dle member
She just made her Insta now

original post: here

1. But she's a commoner now

2. Who cares if an iljin commoner makes an Insta account? 

3. It must be fun looking through her Insta.... she has a good casual style and she's also good at managing her Insta account

4. Even iljins open Instagrams just fine so who cares?

5. But kids like her aren't even promoting and there are no articles about her anymore so how can people find her Insta as soon as she opens it? Fascinating

6. She's showing that she's been eating and living well. Impressive

7. Is she gonna become an influencer?

8. I hate her

9. She's a commoner now so just let her do whatever she wants. You don't have to consume her content anyways 

10. I couldn't even tell that this was I-dle Soojin. The pictures gave off that Jennie vibe

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