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1. I feel like they'll pick the Tokyo team with a survival show

2. Handsome

3. They look fine?

4. They said that Sion was Korean

5. Are they gonna be added to NCT or a new group?

6. Kids, can you debut in Korea?

7. SM said that they will have 1 Korean and 1 Japanese member from the Rookies for their Tokyo team and the remaining members will be picked from a survival show. Apparently, Sungchan and Shotaro's team will be a team aimed for Korea and the US and they will also be added to NCT Tokyo

8. Hul where do they find guys like that?

9. SM Rookies still exists huh

10. I can see a bit of Jungwoo in Yushi and Doyoung in Sion. Apparently, Sion is Korean

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