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1. She probably know that she looks pretty too

2. She seriously looks like Ai Bao. Our Fu princess is too pretty

3. I'm smiling all thanks to Fu princess today. Our baby is too pretty❤️

4. Wow I thought it was Ai Bao

5. Ha... she's looking more and more like Ai Bao. Too cute....

6. I watched a video and there was a super loud ahjumma watching her. Baby stopped eating and was just staring at that ahjumma and she said "what are you looking at?" and started to laugh so loud that Fu Bao got shocked and ran towards the bamboos.... seriously, they need to do something about this. I feel so bad for our Fu Baong lately

7. She's making eye contactㅎㅎㅎ No but how can she know to look at the camera??

8. Her eye corners look like Le Bao and her back looks like Ai Baoㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Our princess is too pretty. Because her mom and dad are both pretty pandas, Fu Bao is obviously pretty too

10. No but seriously, I can never get tired of looking at her. You're seriously too cute Bao-yah!!!

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