As a result of coverage by Xports News on the 29th, at the request of Olivia Rodrigo, Choi Yena's new song 'Hate Rodrigo' music video was changed to private.

Even before the release of the new song, controversy over the title grew. According to an official, Rodrigo's side asked for the music video to be put to private, because of the controversy over the title of Choi Yena's new song.

In addition, there was a copyright issue with some scenes in the music video rather than a controversy over the title, which inevitably forced the music video to be taken down.

In this regard, an official from Yuehua Entertainment, the agency, told Xports News that they were "checking the current situation."

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1. Ugh national embarrassment 

2. Seriously why did they do this? I can't understand 

3. Are they unable to think???

4. No but why would they do that... 

5. Embarrassing 

6. She needs to apologize towards Rodrigo, seriously how are concepts exposing hate okay??

7. Wow..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She even participated in the composition and lyrics... ^.^

8. Seriously embarrassing 

9. Ugh this was seriously so stupid she's hopeless. Does she know no shame?

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