Originally, he was scheduled to be promoted to corporal on September 1st

But today on Weverse, it was announced by the corporal himself that he got promoted!

- if one doesn't achieve being ranked among Special Forces, it'll be a loss of face for BTS, remember that
- he audacity of a private first class.. (copying) a corporal 
When me meet during the holidays, don't think about making eye contact
- What are you.. ‘Hobi's letter’ why are you copying my contents.. pay up

Probably, he was selected as a special fouces under the early promotion system and then promoted to a sergeant right away

(talking about how idols can get promoted 2 months earlier to special forces)

And the selection for Special Forces is actually very rigid

Selection criteria
- Shooting: Hit more than 18 of 20 shots at 250m range.
Basic physical strength:
- Push-ups 72 times or more / 2 minutes
- 86 or more sit-ups / 2 minutes
- 3 km run: within 12 minutes 30 seconds
Combat Stamina: 
- 10km rapid march with 25kg fully loaded: less than 2 hours and 10 minutes
- 5km run with 15kg alone: ​​within 40 minutes
- 20 leg tucks, 2 minutes and 15 seconds of full-length circular motion, 1 minute and 2 seconds of 240m round-trip running
Mental education (mental power): 90 points or more out of 100 points
On-guard work
- Individual combat ability
- Individual specialty

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1. [+263, -4]
From what I heard is that he's extremely skillful and has a lot of guts

2. [+246, -2]
Looks like he's really living a hardworking army life. Seriously he's the type to work hard in everything he does. I'm not his fan but I'll support him 

3. [+225, -2]
His real life is being in BTS, but he's someone who ended up advancing earlier in the army;;; he's f*cking impressive

4. [+182, -2]
Kim Seokjin is cool. When he was doing his training, he was also announced as a representative soldier. And the fact that he was promoted earlier in the special forces shows how hardworking he is. His face is cool but the fact that he's also fulfilling his army life is the ebst

5. [+165, -2]
Wow he's freaking cool 

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