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Ahn Sung Il (PD): It will definitely be good to do the Barbie movie. I’ll meet with them first to try to persuade them and I will communicate with Aran.

Jeon Hong Joon (CEO): It’s good for you, the group, and the company, but since it’s also a matter of dealing with a health issue, communicate well with both the parents and the members so that there are no misunderstandings~!!

Jeon Hong Joon: With such a good showing its frustrating that they cannot do anything these days~!

Ahn Sung Il: Ok. Aran listens well to my opinions anyway so I’ll check her condition first.
Ahn Sung Il: I’ll go to personally see her mother.

Who planned FIFTY FIFTY?

First of all, the three key players in the creation of FIFTY FIFTY are Ahn Sung Il, Jeon Hong Joon, and KAMP.

Ahn Sung Il: The CEO and producer for The Givers. He is known to have produced singers J-Walk, Eun Ji Won’s solo career, Rumble Fish, and more. Currently, his agency is also the home to Son Seung Yeon.

Jeon Hong Joon: The CEO of Attrakt. He was born in 1964. He has managed artists including Cho Kwan Woo, Yang Soo Kyung, Bobby Kim, Yoon Mirae, and Ha Sungwoon.

KAMP: A performance production company based in the United States. They have hosted several K-Pop festivals. Ahn Sung Il worked as an employee here in 2019.

The relationship between the three began in 2019 during KAMP Singapore 2019. Jeon Hong Joon met with the CEO of KAMP, Ahn Sung Il, and another employee from KAMP. Jeon Hong Joon was able to see K-Pop’s power at this time, suggesting to the KAMP CEO that they should work together to create a global K-Pop group.

"CEO Jeon Hong Joon proposed a project to produce a girl group. We decided to help with overseas marketing. Ahn Sung Il was a producer, so we sent him to ATTRAKT. At that point, though, KAMP was paying his salary." - KAMP

In November 2019, the trio launched the project ” FIFTY. ” Jeon Hong Joon, KAMP’s CEO, Ahn Sung Il, and two other KAMP staff, “B” and “L,” officially joined forces to begin production on their girl group.


I just feel bad for the CEO, if you look at the article, you'd know that he couldn't even meet with the members directly and that it would become super stiff in practice rooms..And the person who made them sing the OST with Barbie was Ahn Sung-Il, but he also wanted to force the members into going through with the schedules despite the health concerns. The members shouldn't be suing the CEO for this but the producer instead no?

Gangnam dorms + monthly rent + vocal/music lessons teacher

In reality, FIFTY FIFTY received lessons in vocals, music theory, rap, dance, English, personal training, and acting. The company spent between ₩20.0 million KRW (about $15,300 USD) and ₩30.0 million KRW (about $23,000 USD) on lesson fees alone each month.

Training fee would be around 20M - 30M per month.

Then there was the music video, where ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $766,000 USD) was invested in producing their music videos. In December 2021, they made four cover song music videos and sent them to ICM, Song Music, and BGM.

In 2022, music videos for all four songs from their first album were produced at a total production cost of over ₩500 million KRW (about $383,000 USD). An additional ₩250 million KRW (about $192,000 USD) was spent on the music video for “Cupid.”

And the music video was 1B won just to produe

Ahn Sung Il led the process for the music video production. He even sold his foreign car and expensive watch to help raise funds for FIFTY FIFTY’s music videos. After all of this, FIFTY FIFTY debuted in November 2022.

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1. [+700, -3]
The reason for the members' contract termination lawsuit was that they only disclosed that it was due to "a disease", but didn't talk about what the specific disease would be whether it's hemorrhoids, pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion were not disclosed. I started finding it fishy when the members claimed to have went through irreparable hurt through the contract, but none of the 4 of them did anything for the next 2 months. They then turned out to be only pretending when they were saying that the agency tried to force them to work, because the "disease" turned out that it was a trivial operation, namely cholecystitis. However, it turns out that the first article on the name of the disease appeared a week after the lawsuit was filed. This is why those 20 y'o now look like professional scammers

2. [+670, -4]
They display cleverness and viciousness itself. All four were simply fooling around for over two months on the pretext that one person had undergone a huge surgery, which turned out to be nothing big. And when the CEO told them that they could go on variety show show, they framed it stratefically into "he's forcing them to work". And when they really stopped having any work to do and that they had to pay the penalty fee, they calculated the last few months of earnings they had, blasted the AC in their 3 rooms and 2 bedrooms in their Gangnam apartment and were laughing out loud for being the geniuses they were. Has any of those 4 people ever thought about the amount of money that was invested into their success? This is freaking pissing me off. The fact that they're even thinking of suing the CEO of their company when they're living in a luxury apartment is giving me the creeps

3. [+664, -6]
These people just seem to think that the world is too easy for them. They can't fathom that the agency shed tears for them, they can only think about how successful they now are and they're unable to comprehend that they're part of a such a "small" company, their lack of self-awareness is the reason why they were able to act like such trash. Their personality is scum and they don't belong to celebrities, but they should belong to the bottom of the society, getting the minimum wage, figuring out what they need to do to survive, that's how they'll live their lives to their fullest. They succeeded way too earsily and they cant even diffentiate a luxury Gangnam apartment and the star treatment they're receiving from sh*t. 

4. [+550, -1]
There are many people who are saying that Ahn was the one made the members, but it's the company's CEO who really was the one who picked them. He spent 9K USD to buy CUpid, meanwhile most of the copyrights of the song belongs to Anh. 

5. [+519, -2]
They're honestly doing Jeon Hongjoon CEO so dirty ㅜㅜ

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