Kim Minju from IZ*ONE, who is walking on the path of a full-fledged actress, will greet us through the screen.

According to the film industry on the 19th, Kim Minju was recently cast as the lead in the movie 'Hear Me (directed by Cho Seonho)' and is preparingfor filming. It is expected that she will be able to match the fresh youth romance with Hong Kyung as Noh Yoonseog.

'Cheongseol/Hear Me' is a film about a woman who speaks with her hands and a man who fell in love with her at first sight. It is a Korean remake of a Taiwanese film of the same name released in 2010, and has a strong fan base in Korea, drawing attention from the production stage.

Kim Minju plays a character set up as Noh Yoonseo's younger sister and a swimmer in the script. She appeared as an older sister in the original work, but was changed to a younger sister in the Korean version. It is rumored that Kim Minju has fully prepared for the challenge before filming as she has to pull off not only swimming but also sign language acting.


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1. [+22, -3]
Honestly I thought she couldn't act but seeing her in a historical drama made me realize she's good 

2. [+22, -4]
Kim Minju is honestly actress type. She's so pretty so she suits being an actress

3. [+17, -1]
Oh congrats

4. [+12, -1]
I support Minju

5. [+11, -1]
Minju succeed ㅜ 

6. [+9, -1]
Kim Minju is a standard beauty who has all the beautiful features to her. She'll definitely be able to pull off this kind of innocent love with her natural beauty

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