"Jun Hongjun sold his watch? Everything is a lie" ... Fifty Ffity's cousin's post's content"

The reason why public opinion is now like this is that the representative spent money to create public opinion in his favor, and it is a dirtier world than you think.

Aside from Instagram and YouTube, there are a lot of comments coming up here and there. 90% is a lie, and I don't know what will happen to the group's activities in the future too 

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The alleged cousin 'A' wrote, "I'll let you in on the truth since so many of my friends are concerned about my older cousin. I couldn't hold back my frustration."

'A' denied allegations made in Dispatch's report, saying, "ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon has never talked kindly to the members and never respected my unni's health condition. He claimed he sold his car and watch and used his mother's money, but these are all lies. He's never sold anything to provide for the group."

The alleged cousin continued to say FIFTY FIFTY have their reasons for filing a lawsuit to cancel their contract with ATTRAKT and that the media were being one-sided. 'A' wrote, "There's a reason why they're suing, and the reason they're in court isn't a light one. I'm trusting my unni and our family, and I'm waiting to see. The reason why media is being this way is because the CEO is spending money for positive articles. I hope you don't trust these weird articles. I've read through many, and none of them are accurate. This world is dirtier than I thought. There's a lot of talk on YouTube and elsewhere, but the CEO isn't someone you should cheer for."

'A' concluded, "I want to thank my friends who've asked what's going on. There's no way I could media the media, and it's hard to change the minds of so many people who are believing the lies. If you're curious, ask me instead of reading the articles. There's a lot I can't tell you, but I can tell you what are the lies."

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1. [+652 -2]
The members are so young too.. So if that's the younger cousin, isn't this literally a kid? How can a kid know about their cousin's CEO selling his stuff or not? ㅋ

2. [+653, -2]
No but why are they focusing so much on the way the company is handling their investment funds? What does it have to do with them anyways?

3. [+589, -1]
Look at them bringing in the family and creating a stir, even the uncle himself fell short of it so now they're even trying to drag the cousin inㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But why aren't they themselves speaking up?

4. [+476, -1]
Why is their younger cousin interested in the company's investments? ㅎ

5. [+117, -0]
They really think they're going in with a big blow by bringing in the family in ㅋㅋ Now even the cousin has appeared ㅋㅋ

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